“Katrina's stage presence is electric! She made it to the finals in Dentistry's Got Talent not once but twice up against almost 40 of America's top speakers! She should be at every major dental meeting in the country!”

—Elijah Desmond, RDH, BS; Captain Smiles at Sea

“Katrina Sanders is one of the most enthusiastic and caring educators out there. She has many impactful, informative lectures but one that stood out the most to me was her lecture on Microbiology. As challenging as the topic is, Katrina Sanders manages to engage the learners when it comes to bacteria in a fun and humorous way making the that makes it easy to remember.”

—Megan Joseph, RDH

"Katrina M. Sanders is an energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining speaker. I have taken many excellent courses but Katrina’s approach to infection control was different. We travelled a historical timeline from caveman to early medical discoveries and from “free love” in the 60s to gloves, masks and caution in today’s dental profession! What a timeline! Katrina will keep your attention as you wait to see what comes next. As CE Coordinator for Southern Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association, I can’t wait to have her back!”

—Carolyn Long, RDH

"Superb speaker! The lecture was full of deep meaningful content."

"Speaker engages the audience and relates information to real experiences."

"This course is different from all other courses I've ever taken before! The speaker was funny with excellent slides."

"Katrina was very engaging; she made the CE very informative but fun and interesting as well."

"The speaker's enthusiasm was nice. This wasn't the same approach to continuing education as I have seen before, it certainly made it more interesting."

"Katrina, you are an incredible educator."

"Speaker was very interactive and covered above and beyond the content in the presentation."

"This speaker is clearly passionate about dental hygiene."

"Presenter is very engaging. She made it very easy to pay attention. Her lecture is structured and presented well."

“There are lots of presenters who speak on the Oral Systemic Link but very few who engage and connect an audience to their own motivations, knowledge and inspiration on the subject. Katrina Sanders is just that speaker! Katrina brings a fresh approach and a refreshing style that combines real science with real world skills. If you want your audiences to have lightbulb moments, remove the roadblocks, have fun, and be inspired… hire Katrina Sanders!”

—Katherine Eitel Belt; Communications Expert

“When I think about an up and coming voice in the world of Dental CE, I think of Katrina Sanders. She not only has the years of clinical experience to back up her stories but a contrarian approach to learning and educating that is a breath of fresh air when it comes teaching the future of our industry. She is inspiring, smart and funny, the best combination that you could ask for when making a decision on what CE course you want to take. If you have the opportunity to attend her course, just do it, you won't regret it.”

—John Stamper, CEO; CE Exchange

“Every time I hear Katrina Sanders speak I’m delighted by her smarts, humor, and her one-of-a-kind style that has made me a big fan. She’s the kind of speaker I like the best; one who contributes to making the dental care experience better for everyone.”

—Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

"The speaker's use of humor made the lecture fun!"

"I am amazed by the depth of knowledge de monstrated by Katrina."

"The information presented by the speaker was presented in an understandable way. Casual, friendly and non - threatening."

"The speaker has a wide range of knowledge and was able to answer all questions with clarity."

"The information was current, concise and to the point. The speaker is very engaging and provides an enjoyable atmosphere."

"Katrina is very enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable."

"Katrina, you are amazing and incredibly entertaining."

"I appreciated the speakers' organization, knowledge and ability to deliver the content in a relatable way."

“Speaker is intelligent, passionate and personal during delivery. It was a privilege to take this course.”