I’m Not That Kind of Speaker

It is no secret, when I’m on the platform as a speaker, that I am a true dork when it comes to the gorgeous science behind what it is that we do as clinicians.  While many think I joke, I seriously mean it: with a dog on my lap, I actually do spend my Saturday evenings thinking to myself “what the heck is P. gingivalis up to now?” as I savor a fabulous glass of wine (or a few) while reading the latest research… please know I absolutely acknowledge that I really need to get a life…no wonder I’m single…

Lame social life aside, I do believe it helps me confidently deliver my subsequent course content.  As such, I find myself in a constant state of content development as my lectures are consistently being updated to reflect the latest research and to embody the freshest in research.

This also means, however, that my approach to developing and delivering content is DIFFERENT.

One of my favorite courses to deliver is my Infectious Diseases course!

A self-proclaimed dental nerd, I absolutely was the geek in the front row of my microbiology class, enjoying making flashcards and highlighting in my textbook.  Just thinking about my color-coded highlighters is giving me chills in the best way!

As you may imagine, the microbio nerd in me comes out whenever a study club books me for my Infectious Diseases talk!  I had the incredible opportunity to deliver this program a few weeks ago and let me tell ya: talking about microbiology at 8am on a Friday morning is totally and absolutely my JAM!

WARNING: this course is not your typical infectious diseases course: while it absolutely satisfies continuing education credit for OSHA/CDC guidelines, you won’t find course content on “this is what a CaviWipe is” or “how to load an autoclave 101” because… that’s just not the content I deliver.  Also… SNOOZE!

To be clear: I absolutely recognize that these pieces are important and there are incredible speakers who deliver this content and do so beautifully.  If you’re looking for someone who really does deliver this raw content beautifully, reach out to me, as I know exactly who you need to have at your study club!

My course, however, is different.

In true microbiology geek style, this three-hour course walks course participants through a historical survey of infectious diseases over time.  We begin with understanding the Miasmic Theory concept, we unpack the Black Death and Bubonic Plague, and as we move through time, we discover new infectious diseases as well as the societal norms associated with these diseases.

Did you know: in the 1600s, people bathed monthly and used a slurry of cat urine and ashes as laundry “detergent”?  It’s no wonder infection was rampant and easily spread!

Throughout the course, we learn, laugh and connect as we move through history to present day, understanding how these infectious diseases have helped shape the infection control protocols we now have in place as dental professionals.

I would say 99.9% of course participants are absolutely DELIGHTED by this course content because, let’s be real, when you’re expecting a “spray-wipe-spray” course but instead get a rowdy ginger with an obsession for bacteria, we can only go up from here, right?

At any rate, a few weeks ago, I delivered this course and as per usual, course evaluations read comments such as “I like the comedy”, “very knowledgable, interesting and entertaining”, and you gotta love a testimonial like: “great speaker! Presented the information in a way that was fun and interesting! Very easy to stay awake and pay attention!”  Even more so, I enjoyed comments like “best speaker by far on this subject matter! Could not have had a better experience!” and “energetic and witty speaker! Easy to stay engaged during the entire course”, and “not what I was expecting, went above and beyond my expectations for an infection control presentation” as well as my personal favorite: “I want her to be my best friend” (TEARS!!!!!)

It is truly humbling to read these evaluations and know that my fellow colleagues really appreciate my work.

But I must admit: not everything is gum drops and roses and staph aureus.  There’s always one in every group, and I’m not afraid to share it.  The BAD review.  This time, here it was: “I was expecting more on how to prevent infection and control it rather than past diseases.  Was a good speaker with good energy, just not what I had anticipated it would be”.

So… they liked me but wanted the entire course to encompass infection prevention and control topics.

To be clear: my course unpacks not only the history but also the current landscape of infection control.  I conclude my program by delivering the newest products and CDC standards as they apply to the work we do.  We discuss how this will adjust the ways in which we perform infection control protocols in the office and how this will impact patient care.  I mean… what kind of infection control course would it be if I didn’t talk about the newest CDC guidelines on standard precautions, the current paradigms of sterilization techniques and the importance of aerosol control to prevent the spread of disease?

Nevertheless, there’s always one: one lone RDH who REALLY wants my entire course to talk in circles around these standards and, in turn, simply regurgitating the “stuff we already know”.  

That’s just not my jam, babes.

The Dental WINEgenist unpacks raw, high-level science in a fresh, vibrant and unique way.  So, to the “give me the basics” hygienists: I’m sorry I cannot give you what you want; I’m just not that kind of speaker.

Consider yourself warned: my content is fresh and vibrant and cool and unique and different.  I not only keep you awake but also highly engaged.  I believe that if you have to be locked up in a conference room with me on your weekend, we should have some fun, learn some cool things, marvel at how wonderful science is and… gosh I don’t know… maybe even enjoy some comedic relief.  Because that, my dear sweet hygiene loves, is my JAM!

For more information about my infectious diseases course, please contact me at info@katrinasanders.com.



  1. Love this! You sound like an amazing speaker!! I’m putting you in touch with some people. Be on the lookout for an introductory email.

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